Investigation and Development. We offer a wide range of services: product design, feasibility study, market research, project management, and patent assistance. The most important steps to consider at the beginning of a project.


Product Design
The design of a product is the most important factor that will decide the success or failure of the idea.

With our experience and technical knowledge, we can assist the customer in this stage of the production, where several aspects need to be analyzed, such as appearance, colors, and choice of materials among many other factors.

A useful reference about the importance of design is the successful story behind the iPhone and the failed launches of other competitors in the market. Product design is key from the beginning.

Feasibility Study
As wrote: The feasibility study is an assessment and analysis of the potential of a proposed project. It is based on a broad research to support the decision-making process.

The feasibility study is not a suitable solution for everyone as it is very time-consuming due to the enormous amount of research involved. Sometimes the research is local in a small area and in other cases it is worldwide.

Market Research
Market research is a key factor to remain competitive with competitors, increasing successful results for your product.

By using statistical and analytical methods we can determine where the product will have the best access to the market.

As we know, many people like statistics… we demonstrate our clients the main elements of market research by helping them to understand the power of this tool.

Project Management
Existing companies know exactly the problems you can encounter when starting a business; without an internal nor a business-to-customer structure, project management will help you achieve success without wasting time and money.
Our experience will help you maximize your time and resources by planning and defining the projects in close collaboration with the client. We will establish the procedures and finally the project management will be completed.

Patent Assistance
To protect your idea, the patent is the most important part to ensure that over the following years no competitor will be able to produce the same idea, as well as to prove that the idea is yours. A full patent process can last a few months or even years, so our clients need a reliable partner with the experience and the knowledge about this process.